UFC Fit Cardio Cross Train

Mike Dolce
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

The following is a review of UFC Fit Cardio Cross Train.

For more information on the UFC Fit system, Mike Dolce, the main menu, the exercisers, and the setting & music, please see my review for UFC Fit Power Punch.

Cardio Cross Train (42:20)

This is a cardio workout meant to improve overall conditioning.

Equipment: a mat. Water and a towel are recommended.

Warm Up (3:15): bob & weave, jumping jacks, cross punches, squat jacks, side to side lunge, boxer jump rope.

Main Workout (36:05)

The main workout is divided into 5 rounds. A round consists of 5 exercises that are repeated twice through. The second time through you are often doing the exercise on the other lead. Each exercise is for 30 seconds so itís however many repetitions you can complete in the allotted time.

Round 1: three punches/2 knockout squats, down punch combo, cross jacks, front kick/back kick, mountain climbers.
Round 2: kickbox combo, alternating crescent kicks, 12:00/3:00 punches, plank jacks, crab kicks.
Round 3: deadlift/back kick, front kick/rear elbow, twisting knee drive, fast feet, alternating butt kick from low plank.
Round 4: squat hook, jab-jack combo, tap out/side kick, 4 jumping jacks/4 plank jacks, rear lunge/hitch kick.
Round 5: elbow attack, 1-2-3 power jack, skaters, 360 sumo touchdown, seated cross punches.

Stretch (3:00): seated forward fold, seated wide leg stretch, shoulder stretch, Japanese quad stretch.

Overall Impression: I really liked this workout! It got the heart rate up and worked the muscles while keeping the exercises at a controlled pace. The workout was also really sneaky. No one move ever felt super hard and yet at the end my heart rate was high, I was breathing heavily, and was drenched in sweat. As presented by Mike Iíd rate this workout as a high intermediate/low advanced. Even with the modifier I think true beginners, especially those not familiar with MMA moves, might struggle. However, a high beginner can make this workout work for them. If you like kickboxing type workouts, youíll really enjoy UFC Fit.

Instructor Comments:
Mike is a great instructor who does most of the workout right along with you. He is energetic without being over the top. His gravelly voice seems to fit him and his talk is about breathing, form, and trying your best. I admit Iím developing a Mike Dolce crush!

Sabine Reuter