30 Minutes to Fitness: Bootcamp

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I love Kelly Coffey Meyers' workouts in general. I've tried all of her 30 Minutes to Fitness DVDs and have kept my favorites. In general, I tend to think they are all good workouts, but not all of them are for me and my exercise style and/or fit my exercise limitations. This DVD, however, is one that I just can't get into - and I'm not sure why.

As with the other DVDs in the series, this DVD gives the option of two 30-minute workouts along with a bonus stretch that a lot of people have raved about over the years and premixes. In both workouts, you do a mixture of cardio, conditioning, and strength moves, often in a drill format. You do each move for 2 minutes - although, in many cases, she'll start out with a base moves and then add variations and additional aspects throughout the 2 minutes. Many of the moves are sports based (hitting a ball, catching a ball, shooting a ball, throwing a ball, etc.).

There is a LOT of high impact in these workouts. But, Lauren offers a lot of modifications, ones that left me feeling like I was working out because they weren't lame or afterthoughts. Kelly is backed up by two background exercises and Lauren is one of them. Kelly constantly encourages you to do what's good for you - in terms of impact, weights, etc.

In writing this review, I wonder why I don't like the workout because it sounds great. So, understand me. I think that it's well done and I think that it will legitimately appeal to a lot of people. I think that the workouts are just hard on my joints and I don't enjoy the bootcamp format. And, that's a shame since my analysis is good.

Instructor Comments:
She is fun and encouraging. She clearly cues and gives lots of options.

Laura S.