Body Gospel - Body Revival

Donna Richardson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

This cardio workout is from the Body Gospel set and is probably my favorite from that program. The workout is comprised of a little over 30 minutes of segments that Donna builds from 1-2 low impact moves to more complex combinations with more high-impact moves. There is a low-impact modifier who stays at the low-impact level and I found her helpful in keeping the rhythm of my moves going.

Donna is on a stage with several background exercisers facing a large exercising class. The music is all Christian praise music, although I couldn't always hear it very well. There is an option to pump the music level up, but I like being able to hear Donna's cueing and talk, so I use the normal option.

There is a big screen behind Donna and the background exercisers on which various words and symbols and pictures appear that I guess were meant to increase the sense of worship and praise. Additionally, many of the moves in the workout were named cute Christian-y names (i.e., Praise Claps rather than just claps, etc.). I thought these types of decisions were unnecessary and kind of hokey. I do have to admit that I was rather leery of BeachBody coming out with a set aimed at Christians; at the same time, I respect Donna and figured she would produce a solid workout. And, the workouts did turn out to be fun and solid - just with some hokey details around the edges. For those that wonder what filter produced these conclusions, I am a Christian who enjoys combining aspects of my faith with exercising when possible, when done well.

As far as this workout goes, I really enjoy it, especially since I am coming back from a bad fitness year last year. The workout is high beginner to intermediate. Solid beginners might be able to use it if they followed the modifier the entire time. It is repetitive, but it keeps me engaged enough that I enjoy it and put my all into it instead of being bored. And, some of the moves are just fun. Plus, Donna is great in this workout - she is totally professional with her instruction and cueing - and she is natural and encouraging at the same time. For me, this is a really good steady-state cardio workout that keeps me going the entire workout.

Instructor Comments:
She's fun and encouraging and a very good instructor.

Laura S.