Low Impact Circuit

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I guess I'm the dissenting view on this workout in some ways. This is a workout that I had, got rid of, reaacquired, and then remembered why I had gotten rid of it to begin with. I don't have many Cathe workouts, but I keep an eye out for workouts labeled "too easy" by diehard Cathe exercisers. And, this one seemed to fit that bill.

I do think that it is well done and very professional. The music is good, great compared to most other workouts. Cathe's instruction is excellent - you totally understand the strength moves and what you are supposed to be doing. I really enjoyed the first step sequence, liked the second sequence, and was ready to rip the DVD out of the player and hurl it at the wall on the third sequence. Cathe's step instruction is what I find lacking in this workout. She cues just fine, if you define "cueing" as telling you the name of the move. But, she does not explain the move or build up to the more complex steps. She just seems to assume that you'll know what to do. And, if you are long-time Cathe exerciers, you probably will. If not, you may have some problems figuring out the moves. And, I don't feel like I should have to practice a simple step sequence to get the steps down.

Instructor Comments:
She's professional. She's encouraging. She really is good until she doesn't explain the step sequences that are more complex to this workout.

Laura S.