Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

In general, I have liked Jesica's YouTube videos better than her DVD workouts. There is casual and fun vibe to her online workouts that I just haven't found in her DVD workouts - which have seemed more formal and stiff. For awhile now, she has been trying to capture the online vibe in her DVD workouts and I think she finally may have done it with this set. I wasn't going to get it until I saw it on sale at Amazon for $10 off - and then I just HAD to have it! (And, I'm glad I decided to go ahead and get it.)

I'm 52 years old, have been exercising regularly for about 13 year, but in the past year lost a lot of fitness capacity after having a knee replacment and taking care of my husband after he had major surgery. I've spend 2015 coming back and doing progressively harder and/or longer workouts as I've gone. I started with 15 minutes and am up to about 30-35 minutes. This set was a great one for me to spend some time with earlier this year when I was trying to build up my cardio capacity with cardio workouts. It gave me enough variety that I felt like it helped me in my efforts to improve.

The workouts are generally the same pattern - except for the stretch workout, that one is more different. There are three exercisers, all of whom do a different level of effort - easier (Debbie, Jessica's mom), medium (Jessica), and harder/higher impact (Beth, Jessica's friend). None of them seem to be phoning it in; they all seem to work appropriately hard at their level. And, there seemed to be a high level of comraderie among the three throughout the workouts. These workouts are set in a pretty site - some outdoors, some inside with windows overlooking the scenery outside.

These workouts include:

Cardio Core Walk, a steady state workout with a focus on the core.

Low Impact HIIT Walk has five rounds - three minutes of steady-state cardio and two minutes of HIIT. This timing worked for me to get in a good round of aerobics and then my heartrate would go up and I'd be breathless by the end of the HIIT. For those that like true high-intensity on an advanced level, this workout might not be for you.

Tread and Shred, strength work combined with cardio. You can't go too heavy since you're always moving; it's more of an AWT workout (aerobic weight training).

Stride, Stretch and Relax, 15 minutes of walking moves followed by a 10-minute segment comprised of active stretching, first standing (with a chair for balance) and then sitting on the chair. It ends with a 5-mnute segment of relaxation.

I really enjoyed this DVD, as much as I do some of her YouTube workouts. Jessica is fun and engaging and encouraging. As I see online a lot, she just seems so nice, like a friend you would like to have. I highly recommend this set of workouts, especially if you are looking for a bit more structure with your walking workouts.

Instructor Comments:
See above. She is just so engaging in these workout. I feel like she and I have been friends for years.

Laura S.