Self: Bikini Ready Fast

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I have this rule for myself: Never EVER get a workout that has the word "bikini" in it. These workouts just aren't for me and why would I want to do a workout that either just has getting into a bikini as a goal or (b) that is that superficially marketed. Then, a buddy here on VF told me that I should ignore that rule for this workout and that I would really like the workout. Since she and I have similar tastes in workouts, I ignored my rule and got it. And, I've been happy that I did ever since. This workout has become a favorite of mine and Ellen fries my upper body with weights (in a good way).

This is an intermediate workout that uses light weights for most of the workout. To me, the focus is more on the upper body, although there are some lower body moves. There are a lot of compound moves where you are doing something with the lower body and upper body at the same time. And, there are those times when "what is NOT moving is as imporant as what is" (an Ellen truism). This is not a standard Ellen workout; there are more traditional moves than usual with moves like bicep curls, lat raises, shoulder press, squats, overhead triceps extensions, etc. One of the things that I love the most about this workout is that is flows so well. I've used 3-5 pounds for the upper body moves, depending on my fitness level at the time.

For those that like workouts set outdoors, you'll love this one. It is set on a beach and the scene is just beautiful. I really enjoy watching the ocean behind the exercisers when I'm not watching Ellen.I can't tell you anything about the music; it has left no impression. Ellen is backed up by two background exercisers, one of which is a modifier. She does a few modifications, but didn't seem to do as much as she could have.

This workout was such a nice surprise when I first tried it. I have done most of Ellen's workouts and have kept some of them. This one appeals to me because it's more athletic than most of Ellen's other workouts and because it just flows so well. At the end of it, I feel like I have definitely had a significant workout, but I feel energized rather than beat up. Time just flies for me when I do this workout because it just flows for quite awhile (30 minutes?) as you move from one section to the next to the next.

Instructor Comments:
Although this is not a typical Ellen workout, Ellen is very much herself in this workout.

Laura S.