Low Impact Series: Slide & Glide

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks, Total Body Workouts

This is a really interesting workout, with a much higher fun factor than I'm used to based on Cathe's extensive recent catalog of drill-based cardio. Slide & Glide uses two discs, a medium-tension firewalker band (can sub a regular Theraband tied into a loop) and a mat for the floorwork. With that minimal equipment, you get a solid 20-minute cardio routine and 20 minutes of floorwork that's abs, core/plank/pushups and some upper body strength.

The music is blah, but there are only a couple of the cardio sections where you're on beat anyway, so it's mostly background noise. Set is the open aerobics-studio with the blond wood floors. Amanda, Jai, Lorraine and Brenda are the backgrounders.

The standing warmup section uses the discs so you get accustomed to their feel. The cardio section is a series of familiar exercises - side and back lunges, low-impact jacks, side steps with one leg sliding out - made harder with the discs. Cathe's cueing is a little off, as it is in most of the Low Impact Series: she cues as she's changing the move, so you often miss a rep or two before you catch up to what she's doing. The only move I found uncomfortable with the discs is the jacks, since my legs were tensed in a not-good way to keep me from skidding. In the future I'll go with regular wide plyo jacks on the floor or another jack variation. Expect to move around your workout space a bit and stop a few times to adjust your feet on the discs.

The floorwork has lots of pushup variations with the discs: hands on discs, feet on discs, feet moving out to the side, in and out, hands sliding out, etc. Many of these moves can be done on the knees if your upper-body strength is not as great as Cathe's or if the moves hurt your wrists. There are also some band-only moves for the biceps and back. The core/abs work includes some disc exercises to target the lower abs. Cathe even uses the discs in the stretch section to slide your hands along the ground when doing stretches for legs, chest and back.

I'd grade this workout at intermediate level, even though some of the pushup work and ab work is pretty advanced. The cardio is steady state and I felt nicely worked out without being wiped out at the end.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is very professional and demonstrates excellent form. Her cueing could be better, as too often she cues as she's changing a move rather than before the change. She also neglects to tell you in a timely manner if you're alternating legs or staying with one side, which can be frustrating.