Katami 4x4 System

Amy Dixon, Paul Katami
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Abs/Core , Athletic Stretch , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

For information about the Katami 4x4 system and the setting, please see my previous review for I am Change.

What follows is a description of the two Repair workouts from the series, Foam Roller and Rope. These workouts are meant to be done after a Katami 4x4 or 2x4 workout to serve as cool down and stretch. Unlike the other 4x4 workouts, there arenít different powers to choose to view the workout in as Paul does these workouts solo. The DVD main menu gives you the option of either Foam Roller or Rope and has the music off option.

Paul is wearing an athletic, slightly loose fitting top and longer shorts in both workouts. In the foam roller workout he is wearing socks only.

Repair Foam Roller (just over 30 minutes)

Equipment and Music: You need a foam roller and a mat if on a hard floor. If you purchase the Katami 4x4 system a foam roller included. The music in the workout is a light, techno-like instrumental jazz. Itís something I could imagine hearing in a hip coffee shop.

The workout is divided into 4 sections: lower body, upper body, lower body again, and back/neck.

Lower Body 1: double leg hamstring roll, butterfly stretch, single leg hamstring roll, glute roll, hamstring stretch, figure 4 roll
Upper Body: rolling out forearm, triceps, chest/back/shoulder
Lower Body 2: rolling out calves, quads, IT bands
Back/Neck: rolling out back, side to side neck rolls resting on roller

Repair Rope (just over 31 minutes)

Equipment and Music: You'll need a long rope (about 6 feet long)& a mat if on a hard floor. If you purchase the Katami 4x4 system a long rope is included. If you receive this workout in another way and you donít have a rope, any long band or a long towel could work as well. A chair is optional to aid in balance in the standing section. The music is a similar vibe to Repair Foam Roller.

The workout is divided into 2 sections, a standing section and a mat section.

Standing Section: torso twist, diagonal twist/chop, hip hinge, side bend, body circle, table top, shoulder/triceps pull, quad/hip stretch, ski stretch,
Mat Section: hamstring/knee/calf/hip series, inner thigh & hip opener, outer thigh & hip opener, side laying hip/quad/knee opener series

Overall Impressions: Both of these workouts do a pretty good job of stretching out the body and making it feel more supple and limber. In the foam roller workout, some of the sections were pretty intense for me as I tend to have tight hamstrings and IT bands. I do wish there were some more rolling moves for the back as this is an area that just feels nice to roll out. The rope assisted stretches were able to create some dynamic movement and helped aid in range of motion to really stretch me out. Again, I felt the upper body was a little short changed and I still thought it was a good stretching session. Both of these workouts did their job of limbering up the body and stretching out the sore muscles. If youíre looking for an alternative to yoga stretching, these are a great change of pace.

Instructor Comments:
Paul comes across a warm, genuine, personable, and professional. His voice is very soothing which matches the relaxing vibe of these workouts. His comments are about how to modify stretches if need be, sharing information about anatomy and body structure, and just honoring where your body is at this particular moment.

Sabine Reuter