Katami 4x4 System

Amy Dixon, Paul Katami
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Abs/Core , Athletic Stretch , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

For information about the Katami 4x4 system, the set-up of the DVD menu, and the setting, music, and background exercisers, please see my previous review for I am Change.

What follows is a description of the two workouts from the ĎI am Athleteí phase of the series. In this phase the focus is speed, agility, and reaction time. In the intro Paul says that even if you were never an athlete growing up, youíll be an athlete by the time youíre done with this phase.

The format of each workout is the same. You do a warm up, do a total of four quads of exercises (each done twice before moving to the next one), and a VERY brief cool down. You get a 30 second every time you complete a quad before either repeating that quad or moving on to the next one.

I am Athlete 1 (47:53)

Warm Up: All warm ups include moves you will see later in the quads. In the warm up they are done without weights, at a slower pace, and using less range of motion.

Exercises: jog in place, 4 direction lunges, inchworm, 4 punch/jack turn, renegade rows

Main Workout

Quad 1: jump lunges, prisoner squats, renegade rows, backstroke to hollow hold
Quad 2: fast feet w/ direction & hop, 4 direction lunges, 4 push-ups to mountain climbers, X chops
Quad 3: side squat/side kick, one legged glute bridge, rotational curls, inchworm
Quad 4: 4 punch/jack turn, double squats narrow/wide, 4x4 shot put, boxer drill

Cool Down: 4 Katami 4x4 breaths. It is expected that youíll go straight from a 4x4 workout into one of the repair workouts to stretch and recover.

I Am Athlete 2 (47:27)

Warm Up: jog in place, squat reach, overhead squat, origami tap, baseball swing

Quad 1: lateral shuffle touch, 4x4 vertical squat, chest fly & crunch, origami tap
Quad 2: catch & shoot, pass through lunge, seated biceps curl, baseball swing
Quad 3: slalom jumps, sumo squat w/ shoulder raise, triceps dips, genie planks
Quad 4: starter block lunges, overhead squat, 90/90 lunge row, racket abs

Cool Down: a few moments of bouncing in place followed by 4 Katami 4x4 breaths. It is expected that youíll go straight to one of the repair workouts to stretch and recover.

Overall Impressions: The intensity in both of these workouts is pretty even, unlike the two I am Change workouts. As demonstrated by Paul Iíd say these are intermediate to low advanced workouts. Because of the different levels presented, high beginners and advanced exercisers can enjoy these workouts. The addition of some compound moves makes it possible to hit all the muscle groups which makes these workouts very comprehensive. The circuit structure of these workouts make them metabolic in nature. My one criticism is that there is no stretch on the actual workout and youíre encouraged to do one of the Repair workouts in addition. If you add on a Repair workout the total workout time goes well over an hour which isnít great for those of us with time crunched schedules. Despite the above mentioned shortcoming I enjoyed these workouts quite a bit. I liked that there was a focus on agility training, and the sports type feel of several of the moves. They get A LOT done in a reasonable amount of time (assuming you donít add a Repair workout after a 4x4 workout). If you need to make the workouts shorter, itís easy to split the workout in half by doing two quads one day and the next two another day.

Instructor Comments:
Paul comes across a warm, genuine, personable, and professional. While there is some talk about body image, most of his comments are about form or trying your best. Paul does about 50% of the workout. He will stop to walk around and comment about how each power is doing the move, make form pointers or comments, and offer encouragement. He has charm and exudes caring without being over the top.

Sabine Reuter