The Anarchy Workout

Andy Speer
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

If youíd like to know more about Andy Speer, please see my previous review for Anarchy Workout Phase 1 Cardio.

Anarchy Workout Phase 1 Strength (27:19)

Main Menu: Cardio, Strength, Endurance, How Anarchy Works. Once you select your workout youíre sent to a sub-menu which lets you know what equipment youíll need and you can select music on or off.

Setting, Music, & Background Exercisers: The setting reminds me of a cross between a loft and a gym. There are brick looking walls with large windows in the background. On the floor is a very large black mat. Around the edge of the set are various pieces of fitness equipment (bench, locker, weights, etc.). The music is instrumental with a rock/techno vibe. It gets louder and more pumped during the work periods and backs off in the rest periods. It didnít really register for me which means that itís probably fairly benign and unobtrusive. Andy is wearing longer shorts and a t-shirt. He does the workout with two background exercisers, one male (Graham) and one female (Christina) who is the modifier for the workout. Graham is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and Christina is wearing a bra type top and leggings. She modifications for most of the moves and sometimes forgets that she is the designated modifier for the workout or is asked by Andy to show the advanced version of the move too.

Equipment: It says youíll need one set of dumbbells for the workout. Depending on your strength you may want a couple of sets to use with the different exercises. Graham uses 20s, I used 12ís and 10ís. Itís unclear what poundage Christina is using. I would suggest having a towel and water nearby as you will sweat during this workout.

The workout consists of a brief warm up, the body of the workout, and a VERY brief cool down/stretch. The main body of the workout consists of 6 exercises and a cardio move that make up a round. These exercises progress in intensity for two more rounds for a total for 3 rounds. The work to rest ratio changes with each round and will be detailed below.

Warm Up (3:00): skips, spider walk outs, walk out w/ shoulder fly, hip swivels, walk out to squat, floor touch squats (optional hop for last 15 seconds). 30 seconds rest.

Main Workout (23:00)

Round 1 (30 seconds work/15 seconds rest or transition): goblet squat, lawnmower row, split stance overhead press, reverse deadlift (RDL), skull crushers, close grip chest press. The one minute cardio move is split switch reverse fly. 30 seconds rest.

Round 2 (40 seconds work/20 seconds rest or transition): goblet squat crush curl, lawnmower iso row, split stance push press, kickstand deadlifts, hollow skull crusher, chest press hold. The one minute cardio move is one legged skips (left, 30 seconds, right, 30 seconds). 30 second rest.

Round 3 (30 seconds work/no rest or transition): curls, RDL, double arm split stance push press, double arm split stance lawnmower row, goblet squat hold w/curls, goblet squats, goblet jump squat. 30 seconds rest.

Cool down/stretch (1:19): spider lunge to triangle, forward fold, chest stretch.

Overall Impressions: This was a very comprehensive strength workout. It covered all the bases and some of the later variations made sure to include a core element even though there were no designated ab/core exercises. As demonstrated by Andy Iíd rate this workout as a high intermediate/low advanced workout. It can be made easier by following the modifier who does a better job than the cardio workout of showing options, or harder by using heavy weights and really pushing the plyo moves. If I had a criticism it is again the lack of cool down and stretches at the end. The last round with 3 goblet squat variations in a row was KILLER!!! My thighs were on fire at the end. I really liked it and give it an enthusiastic A rating.

Instructor Comments:
Andy does a great job demoing the movements and instructing the workout. He seems at ease in front of the camera and has good camaraderie with the two background exercisers. He is a bit more talkative and relaxed in this workout than in Phase 1 Cardio. His talk focuses on form, on pointing out modifications, offering encouragement and some occasional good natured ribbing of Graham and Christina. I enjoyed him as a trainer.

Sabine Reuter