Katami 4x4 System

Amy Dixon, Paul Katami
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Abs/Core , Athletic Stretch , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

What follows is some general information about the Katami 4x4 System as well as a specific review of the two I am Change workouts.

Information about the Katami 4x4 System: This system of DVDs was designed by Paul Katami and is based on two of his most popular single DVD workouts, Hollywood Bootcamp 4x4 and Hollywood Bootcamp 4x4x2. As far as I know, itís not totally clear what Ď4x4í means, although if I had to guess, it means 4 exercises (cardio, lower body, upper body, core) done for 4 minutes. This makes up a quad. In the Katami 4x4 system, each workout has 4 quads that are done twice before moving on to the next one. There are 4 different phases (Change, Athlete, Warrior and Hero) that get progressively harder and within each phase there are 2 different workouts. In addition to these 8 workouts, there are two 2x4 workouts led by Amy Dixon that are for time crunched days and a Repair DVD with foam roller and rope stretch recovery workouts.

Main Menu & Workout Set Up: From the main menu of each disc, you have the option to choose viewing the workout in Power of 1, Power of 2, or Power of 3. There is also a Ďmusic offí option. During the workout there are 3 different intensity levels shown. The Power of 1 has the easiest variations of each exercise, modifies the intensity, and/or does the strength exercises with no weights/lighter weights. If you choose Power of 1 from the main menu, this person is always in view in split screen. The Power of 2 is more intermediate and shows moderate intensity, some impact, and uses weights for all exercises. If you choose Power of 2 from the main menu, youíll be able to see all 3 levels in a single screen. The Power of 3 shows the hardest variations of the exercises, goes faster, uses the heaviest weights, and incorporates plyo movements in a lot of the cardio and strength segments. If you choose Power of 3 from the main menu, this person is always in view in a split screen. I personally think itís best to choose Power of 2 from the main menu so you can see all 3 variations of the move and pick your level accordingly.

Setting & Music: The setting is very open and light. Thereís a wood looking floor, plain light colored walls, and a large 4x4 logo in the background. The exercisers have mats in front of them, 2 sets of weights (light and heavy), a towel and water bottle off to the side. The music is instrumental. I found the music to be neither distracting nor enhancing to the workout experience.

Exercisers: Paul works out with 2 women and 1 man. They are all fit looking and wear athletic tops and either shorts or athletic leggings. No one acts in an obnoxious fashion or mugs for the camera.

What follows is a description of the two workouts from the ĎI am Changeí phase of the series. In this phase the focus is on perfecting foundational movements that will be varied in later phases.

The format of each workout is the same. You do a warm up, do a total of four quads of exercises (each done twice before moving to the next one), and a VERY brief cool down.

I am Change 1 (just over 47 minutes)

Warm Up: jog in place, dynamic upper body stretches, body weigh squats, body weight dead lifts, body weight oblique drops.
Quad 1: jumping jacks, squats, biceps curls, oblique drop
Quad 2: Kaboom lunges (skaters), forward lunges, push-ups, Katami speed bike
Quad 3: side to side jump rope, squat jumps, I & Y triceps extensions, low plank
Quad 4: high knee run (varying speed), dead lifts, shoulder press, seated oblique twists

Cool Down: 4 Katami 4x4 breaths. It is expected that youíll go straight from a 4x4 workout into one of the repair workouts to stretch and recover.

I Am Change 2 (just over 47 minutes)

Warm Up: jog in place, jumping jacks, curtsy lunges, 90-90 biceps curls

Quad 1: lateral split hops, lateral limbo squat, 90-90 biceps curls, seated leg push
Quad 2: hot dog jumps, calf raises, lying triceps extensions, wag the dog crunches
Quad 3: punch run, curtsy lunge with knee lift, 90/90 lateral shoulder raise, torch & slow recover (roll up with weight and slow down)
Quad 4: burpees, progressive front lunge, open & close push-up (tricep P/U & regular P/U), basic side plank, weighted (30 seconds each side)

Cool Down: a few moments of bouncing in place followed by 4 Katami 4x4 breaths. It is expected that youíll go straight to one of the repair workouts to stretch and recover.

Overall Impressions: Even though both of the workouts are in the same phase, I feel there is a big difference in intensity between I am Change 1 vs I am Change 2, with two being more challenging. I think all fitness levels could enjoy these workouts as the power you choose to follow and the weights selected would greatly affect the intensity of the workout for the participant. If youíre following Paul in the Power of 2, Iíd say I am Change 1 is high beginner/low intermediate and I am Change 2 is solid intermediate. These workouts are very comprehensive and all major muscle groups are hit with the exception of back which has no designated exercises in the upper body minutes. Iím also disappointed that there is no stretch on the actual workout and youíre encouraged to do one of the Repair workouts in addition. If you add on a Repair workout the total workout time goes well over an hour which isnít great for those of us with time crunched schedules. There is a cardio effect with the cardio minutes and some of the lower body exercises although these are not meant to be cardio workouts. I would designate them as metabolic workouts. Despite the above mentioned shortcomings I enjoyed these workouts quite a bit. They get A LOT done in a reasonable amount of time (assuming you donít add a Repair workout after a 4x4 workout). If you need to make the workouts shorter, itís easy to split the workout in half by doing two quads one day and the next two another day.

Instructor Comments:
Paul comes across a warm, genuine, personable, and professional. While there is some talk about body image, most of his comments are about form or trying your best. Paul does about 50% of the workout. He will stop to walk around and comment about how each power is doing the move, make form pointers or comments, and offer encouragement. He has charm and exudes caring without being over the top.

Sabine Reuter