Defining Shape

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This is the first of the Longevity workouts, featuring Tracie Long. This workout has plenty of functional and traditional strength exercises. For me, it does feel to be more traditional with a twist than functional, but Iím hoping it will help me in the functional area as well. Kind of my ďgateway dvd to functional fitnessĒ. As the exercises have been broken down extensively, I wonít go into much detail about it. I feel that overall this is a very effective strength video, with a heavy lower body, shoulder, and core emphasis. I know Iíll be feeling my glutes tomorrow! The only body part that I felt was a bit short changed was the chest, as there is only one set of pushups for area. Another thing I noticed is that I was sweating so much throughout the workout! I mean, I was really huffing! I donít feel as though I was short changed in the cardio department, thatís for sure. I do feel that I went heavier than Tracie for most of the exercises, as I did not go below 10 pounds (except for the beginning where we did shoulder work), using mostly 15s throughout. I think the key with this workout is choosing correct poundage, REALLY concentrating on form (she gives excellent pointers throughout), and engaging your core.

What I Liked
I liked the selection of exercises overall. There werenít too many reps so I felt that I could really concentrate on form. Tracie offered plenty of form pointers throughout. She also included two of my favorite exercises Ė clean and press and deadlifts! Tracie was friendly and encouraging, without being too perky or too serious. How she pulls that off, I donít know. I also liked the short balance focused chapter of the workout, it was quite challenging! I definitely need help with my balance. Oh, and the music was fitting, a nice volume, and quite good (yes, I know thatís subjective). I would describe the music as something youíd want to listen to and workout with after a long Friday at work.

What I Didnít Like
Although my arms were fried, I would have liked more chest work. Even more pushups would have been fine. I would have liked them in the beginning though, so I could be fresh and pump out quite a few. Additionally, while I appreciated that she didnít have traditional crunches, I would have liked more instruction on the pilates type exercises. I just donít get pilates and how Iím supposed to be engaging my abs, so more instruction would be great. Oh, and one of the compound exercises were bothersome, as it was for lower body and shoulders. I can go much heavier for lower body than for shoulders, so a compound exercise doesnít do my any good.

What You Might Want to Look Out For
This is quite shoulder intensive, and I've read on the forum that if you are going to use this in conjunction with her other workouts (or even the older Firm workouts) throughout the week, you better adjust the poundage accordingly. I know for me that, while I can do 12 pounds for shoulder presses and 10 pounds for lateral raises, I will probably go way below that if I'm doing a Tracie Long six week rotation. I have very iffy shoulders. Additionally, she does do a short side plank series, so if you have iffy wrists, adjust accordingly.
Overall, I really enjoyed this workout, and am glad to have it in my collection.

Instructor Comments:
Tracie is encouraging, professional, and just seems so sweet! She includes good form pointers, but isn't the best cuer, if that makes sense. She's not bad, just could be better. She does mirror cue. Oh, and she is gorgeous and strong. So motivating!