30 Minutes to Fitness Body Shop

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This DVD has two 30-minute full body strength workouts. The moves are generally traditional exercises with some twists to help achieve certain goals with the moves. Upper body muscle groups are superset with lower body exercises and then followed up with a compound move to further challenge the muscles being worked. In each of the two workouts she approaches the major muscle groups in different ways and you can do them individuall or use the premix that combines them into one workout to hit everything.

For these workouts Kelly tells you to have a set of heavy and a set of light dumbbells. You may want a wider variety than just two sets of dumbbells. You may have a conflict with some of the compound exercises because you can go much heavier on one of the exercises than the other.

The premixes let you customize this workout. Don't like compound moves? Do that premix? Think 30 minutes isn't long enough? Do a longer premix. I would classify the two workouts as intermediate to high intermediate/low advanced which you can make more difficult by increasing the weight of your dumbbells or doing a more intense premix.

Instructor Comments:
Kelly is fun and encouraging in this workout. There is a modifier.

Laura S.