Breathless Body 2 The Edge

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Fun HiiT workout that pushes you hard. The effects are cumulative: the first couple of blocks don't feel so hard but you'll start sweating and working hard as the workout progresses.

After a well-cued warmup, the format is: four rounds of HiiT, three exercises per round, each exercise done for 30 seconds with a 15-second recovery before moving to the next exercise in the round. You do each round three times, with an active recovery for 2 minutes (simple moves, step-touch or march in place) between rounds. After the last round, there's a final 6-minute blast in which you do each of the 12 exercises back-to-back with no rest. A cooldown/stretch completes the workout.

Amy leads three backgrounders in this workout: the woman on the right of the screen in front does the easiest/lowest level version of the move (always low impact), the woman on the right in the back is the intermediate, and the guy on the left of the screen does the advanced, high-impact move. Amy also does the intermediate move while encouraging you through each section and cueing stops, starts, transitions between exercises and clock countdowns.

Likes: The exercises are simple. There is a low-impact version of every exercise if you're not in the mood to jump. You can do this workout with no previewing; since everything is so well explained and demonstrated, there is no learning curve.

Dislikes: the guy who demonstrates the advanced moves flails around. He seems so interesting in jumping HIGHEST and FARTHEST that he looks slightly out of control at times. It doesn't help that he's slightly pigeon-toed (no fault of his, I know) but when he demonstrates his feet land in positions that are not.quite. how you want yours. I liked much more the advanced backgrounder from the first Breathless Body, a very fit woman. Also, the two-minute recovery between rounds is a little long.

Instructor Comments:
Professional, great cuer, in awesome shape, fun, motivating.