Ripped with HiiT: Low Impact HiiT One

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I like this workout a lot. It has decent intensity from a low impact workout. It is short (29 minutes) so the workout the flies by.

The way Cathe brings the intensity up in this workout is different than her other lower impact offerings. Often she uses weights, compound moves, burpee type moves, gliding discs or the step to achieve intensity. In this workout the intensity is added from 1) Speed and 2) Depth of movement. Because of this, the workout feels a bit different, and I like that.

The depth is achieved by using a Yoga Mat as a visual prop and Dixie cups to make you go low. You don't really need any equipment for this workout, but those props do help you achieve good depth in your movements.

The speed is very fast. It might feel too fast for some people. I personally can't really keep up with Cathe and the crew on some of the moves, but as long as I go as fast as I can, I am getting a good workout.

This workout is a drill workout like many of Cathe's workouts, and most of the moves are twists on moves you have done before. But she really does put a fresh twist on many of the moves.

The music is not great, and mostly instrumental. But it is better than the Low Impact series (thankfully!)

I did not pre-order Ripped With Hiit, and I signed up for On Demand to try all the workouts. This is one that I will be purchasing for sure.

Lisa C