Low Impact Series: Low Impact Challenge Step

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Step Aerobics

This could be a really good workout, but it has some flaws. I would probably grade it a B-. I do it about once a year, and I enjoy it enough to keep it, but it could be so much better.

The biggest problem is the music. I was very disappointed to hear all instrumentals on this. And not very good instrumental music at that. It feels like elevator music and it brings the fun factor down a bit, to what is otherwise and interesting workout.

Cathe's cueing is not great, but that is nothing new with her step. I can handle that aspect of this workout.

I think she does do a good job of making this (mostly) low-impact workout a decent intensity without jumping. One way she does that is with some squat thrusts mixed into the choreography, and a few pushups. I liked that part, but some people won't. It isn't as high intensity as Step Blast, but I end up getting an adequate steady-state cardio workout.

There are 5 64-count combos (including the warm-up) and the choreography is pretty fun.

The blast section at the end is a nice change of pace. It is not choreographed and has some non-weighted lower body work mixed in. I sometimes skip this section, but I do like it when I have time.

I should mention that there are a few spots where you need to jump just a bit. Just a few, but this is not a no-impact workout, just "low".

This workout could be an A workout with a good soundtrack and better cueing. I can handle the flaws, but it does keep me from doing this workout more often.

Lisa C