Turbo Jam: Turbo Sculpt

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

51 year old restarter- no injuries, unless you count a nasty blow to making appropriate priorities an injury. I'm working through dust bunnies & virgins (some are both, like this one), and starting at beginner level to reduce any dread factor.

From video cover:
Get ready to shed pounds and inches, get in shape, and have a blast doing it! Chalene Johnson has created a fusion workout of kickboxing, dance, and martial arts. This high-energy, calorie-blasting routine combines the hottest dance tunes with body-slimming and sculpting moves. Once the music starts, you won't want to stop! Turbo Jam is not just a workout; it's a dance party that delivers Turbo results that will keep you coming back for more!

Tighten and tone your muscles using Chalene's signature moves. Get sculpted abs and glutes, strong arms, and lean legs with this fun and innovative workout.

Breakdown from my log:
(39:24) Total Duration

(3:41) Warmup
(33:08) Workout
_____(8:14) Lunges
_____(7:33) Squats
_____(6:55) Travelling Lunges
_____(5:23) Inner Thighs
_____(1:52) Chest
_____(3:39) Abs
(2:35) Stretch

Thoughts, observations
I used a pair of 3kg (6.6lb) handweights.
1) For one-arm rows, you're advised to hold 2 weights. My hands are too small, so I had to rewind a bit when I fetched my single 6kg weight. I didn't really like using just the one set of weights for everything - I can't lift much in a front raise, but can use a lot more for bicep curls, and something in between for tricep kickbacks; and can hold a LOT more for squats.
2) The background exercisers who tried desperately to make it look like a "funky dance" workout. It isn't, it's standard moves for using dumbbells. Two in particular, continually annoyed me with this, and doing a nodding pout to the camera (repeatedly), like "I'm so cool, aren't I, and working SO hard ? even though I'm not holding any weights?!"

That's it on the cons, actually.

1) No dread - it moves along well, and at no time did I check the clock.
2) Suitable for beginners, AND beyond. Even an advanced exerciser, using appropriate weights, could make this work for them without even thinking. The moves ARE mainstream, so advanced people would know what to grab & have ready.
3) Chalene isn't annoying (apart from her choice of backgrounders).
4) Duration - modest, but not flimsy.


I'm changing the code in my log from 'beginner' to 'beg/int' as it was definitely suitable to both levels, as noted above. I did sweat, but being summer, my gym at the top of the house, no air conditioning, and it's so humid it was raining - well... I'd probably have worked up a sweat anyway; but I chose weights that worked for me and made me work - as we all should (gold star on my forehead for that). I'd definitely do this one again without fear or boredom or bucket; but probably won't as I have about 3 years worth of dusty/virgins still to get to.... but that's what it's like around here isn't it?

Instructor Comments:
Looks fit without being intimidatingly so. Not patronising. Cheerful without being cheesy - so, as the current (getting dated now?) phrase goes - It's All Good.