Ballet Beautiful Classic 60 Minute Workout

Mary Helen Bowers
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Abs/Core , Ballet/Barre, Lower Body Strength

I travel a lot and having this workout on my Kindle has been somewhat of a game-changer for me. It allows me to fit in a workout just about anywhere so long as there is enough floor space; I love that no additional equipment is required to perform the exercises. I am a runner and use this (and other Ballet Beautiful workouts) to strengthen my hips and glutes; two areas that are often weak in runners and can lead to imbalance-related injury.

I usually do the whole program straight through, but when I am pressed for time I will pick and choose segments to combine into a shorter workout.

Overall, this is my favorite of MHB's workouts. It is well balanced and moves along quickly.

Bridge Series: One of my favorite segments of this program. It is challenging, and you can definitely feel a difference after a few weeks of performing the exercises. The stretching between sets is super quick, though.

Abs: Too short of a segment for me, but the exercises themselves are solid and work all parts of your abdominal muscles. Wish she spent more time here.

Inner Thigh: Brutal the first few times that you do it, and being not as bend-y as her I nearly always have to perform the exercises with my knee on the floor, a modification she doesn't show you until you switch legs, which is a bit odd. She does a great job of working the small, hard-to-tone inner thigh muscles though!

Outer Thigh: This one is a burner for sure! She does two sets of exercises on each side. To me it would make more sense to perform set one on one leg and then the other as opposed to both sets on one leg then both sets on the other, but this does force you to work an already fatigued muscle, which can yield some strength gains. This is a very good segment as well.

Arms: I LOVE MHB's arm work. I like that you don't need weights but that it is still difficult. I would say that the biggest difference I have noticed in my body since adding Ballet Beautiful workouts into my regime is that my arms appear both stronger and slimmer. Like this segment, but I REALLY like Swan Arms from the "Blast" series (green cover.)

Standing: Eh- too short to really do anything. A decent cool down though. To be honest, I skip it about 1/2 the time.

Instructor Comments:
I like her because she isn't obnoxiously cheerful or too amped up/in your face. I prefer fitness professionals that aren't over the top. She seems like a lovely, normal person.