Turbo Jam: Turbo Sculpt

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I am a 51 year old restarter. Last year, 2014, was a really bad year during which I was sick as a dog with bronchitis for 6 weeks around the first part of the year, I had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of July (a good thing given I could hardly walk by the time of the surgery), and my husband had heart valve surgery at the end of October and I was majorly involved with his recovery. As a result of all this health excitement, my fitness levels plummeted throughout the entire year and I wasn't even exercising by the last part of the year when all my energies were going to caring for my husband. Now, it's 2015, my husband is on the mend, and I'm ready to get back into the fitness groove!

At this point, I am trying to just do workouts I find fun in the general arenas of cardio and strength six days a week. I want to work out between 25-35 minutes each of these days, so shorter workouts that I can do most of to all in that timeframe are good. I was drawn to this workout because it was reported to be fun and it's short, around 30 minutes.

I had Turbo Jam way back when and eventually got rid of it. After several years, I tried Turbo Sculpt and found that I really enjoyed it. This is a workout I can do many times and still reach for it.

It is the strength workout from this set and actually moves at a moderate pace. This was surprising to me given Chalene's energy, but it works. I tried using two sets of weights with this workout, but it just doesn't work. The moves flow one into another and there isn't time to switch things around. Also, most of the moves are compound moves - something I enjoy, but some don't. There are several sections in the workout and there is a countdown timer that counts down both the section and the workout as a whole. Chalene is in front of a large group of background exercisers and there are two modifiers. They don't make many modifications though other than not using weights. Once in awhile, they'll do something that is a little less intense like doing regular lunges rather than curtsy lunges.

She hits the legs and glutes hard in this workout. Most of the sections are based on a lower body focus and then she throws in upper body moves to do with them. Her cueing isn't perfect since she cues with the moves and that sometimes puts me behind. Overall, I find Chalene incredibly motivating in this workout and it just flows for me. It is one that I am motivated to work on to try to improve my strength and stamina. You need to use light weights in it, but given my strength losses in the past year, that's where I am right now.

Instructor Comments:
She is her usual self. And, she excels at this workout.

Laura S.