Yoga: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow

Deb Dobbin
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

I really wanted to like this one.
I really like the instructors voice and her cueing was good. I love the scenery, it's beautiful.
What I didn't like was the sequencing of poses. I do yoga alot, live and on DVDs. I really like if the flow is repeated a couple of times so that you can really breathe into the flow and poses. Almost all the dvds I have do sun salutation the same, either basic or with warrior variations and I can do these without really thinking. Deb's flows changed every single time. As a result, I had to listen very closely or watch tv throughout the dvd. She doesn't do plank at all and I think that threw me off my sequencing.

I think this is a good solid intermediate program. No modifications given to make poses easier. Music is good.
Overall, I have too many other yoga DVDs I really love, that I can reach for even when I haven't done in a while; that this one varied too much to stay in my collection.

Instructor Comments:
Great voice for yoga, cueing was good.