10 Minute Solution Special K Fashion Fit Workout

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Lower Body Strength

This workout consists of four 10-minute workouts, which can be programmed to play in any order you choose. Each segment has a short warm up and cool down. As with all 10 minute solution workouts, I wish the warm ups and cool downs were separate, so you could choose to string the workouts together with just one warm up and cool down, but the makers just haven't caught on to this yet :)Three of those workouts are recycled from previous Jessica Smith 10 minute solution workouts.

1. Kickbox Cross Train - 10 MS Knockout Body
2. Knockout Body Blast- 10 MS Knockout Body
3. Ultimate Lower Body Training - 10 MS Ultimate Boot Camp
4. Buns & Thighs Firm-Up - this may be new footage, don't know where it's from.

All the workouts have a toning emphasis, with Knockout Body Blast being the most cardio of the four segments. Kickbox Cross Train had very simple sequences and started off slowly to teach the moves first. Knockout Body Blast was more cardio focused and had more kicking and punching combos, although not enough kicking. Ultimate Lower Body Training was mostly squats, plie squats, and lunges, but she did them in a fun way. The last segments was mostly lower body toning, although all the workouts had toning emphasis for the lower body. I would rate all segments as advanced beginner, but can be easily modified to intermediate.

All in all, not a bad little workout for 40 minutes, but I expected more cardio and less toning.

Instructor Comments:
Jessica is her usual sunny self without being cutesy or fake. It did grate on my nerves when she went on an on about being a "soldier" and about working out being your "mission" and all during the bootcamp segment, but I guess she had to go with the script. I liked how she explained the segments carefully and was very encouraging throughout.