Calorie Killer Yoga

Colleen Saidman
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Yoga

This dvd contains five 20-25 minute yoga routines. You wont need any equipment except a mat for these routines. Colleen works out alone outdoors in front a gorgeous Jamaican resort house & beach. The workouts are done with voice over.

Constant Cardio: After a warmup, exercises include eagle pose, warrior with eagle arms, hops in & out w/ bear hug, warrior series, down dog to plank, chair to Mt pose swinging your arms, pushups, plank to down dog, warrior 3, crunch variations, and finishes with corpse pose.

Energy & Endurance: After a warmup, exercises include can-can, down dog to plank, jump switch, 3 leg dog & knee pull, demi push-up, spinal twist, plank-push up-down dog, rotated triangle, warrior 1 and concludes with a shake out.

Sustained Burn: After a warmup, exercises include cobbler to inverted bridge, bird dog, down dog, plank, low back work, 3 legged dog, chair pose, crescent pose, balance table top hold, balance ankle grab, superman grabbing one ankle, down dog hop to Mt. pose, balance stick ankle grab, camel pose, updog, and concludes with a stretch.

Rise & Shine: After a warmup, exercises include plank, cat-cow, down dog, 3 legged dog, chair pose, cobra, up-dog, forward bend, pigeon, side plank, cobbler pose, lotus, cobra, and concludes with corpse pose.

Balance & Restore: After a warmup, exercises include seated fold over, seated stretches, chest opener, cobbler pose, meditation, breathing, fetal pose, & corpse pose.

I rate these as intermediate routines. Colleen moves quickly & does not waste any time. I like that Colleen adds some hops & jumps to the routines to get the heart rate up. This dvd contains SO many options and so much footage, it is a must have for all yoga lovers. I found all of the segments to be unique from each other so you really do have a ton of variety. Colleen is a great instructor and provides great form pointers. I received this dvd to review.