Iron Yoga

Anthony Carillo
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

Iím reviewing this workout after previewing and doing it once each.

General workout breakdown: This program of just over 50 min. combines traditional yoga moves with light weights. There is a bonus savasana or rest pose of 6 min. that you can add on.
The workout is divided into the following chapters: Warm-up (mountain pose w/ posture check, then this sequence: lat pullback, tricep kickback, bicep curl, military press, lat pulldown, shoulder shrug, straight arm side raise and lower, upright row, tricep press down, and lateral raise, then returning to bicep curl; strong chair pose with back row), Tree Sequence (mountain w/ wrist curl, tree w/ military press & lat pulldown, then chest flye & reverse flye, other side with front raise and a rotator cuff move), Power Lunge / Sun Salutation 1 (triangle, warrior 2 w/ front raise & bicep curl, side angle w/ bicep curl, lunge into standing lunge w/ side raise & torso rotation; this sequence is repeated on the other side after a sun salutation series), Single Leg Balance Sequence (side bend w/ arms overhead, standing backbend, warrior 3 w/ tricep kickback, standing 1-legged balance w/ quadriceps extension, eagle w/ chest / reverse press, balance on tip toes with arms straight overhead, rotator cuff exercise, warrior 3 sequence, eagle w/ tricep overhead extension), and Sun Salutation 2 / Cooldown (sun salutation into pigeon, bird dog w/ arm & opposite leg extended, cat & cow, superman, cobra, boat, seated forward fold, childís pose w/ arm stretch, ). As other reviewers have noted, Anthony alternates between controlled movements and isometric holds (not particularly long), between doing one side and doing both sides. And, in case youíre wondering, you donít do the sun salutations with dumbbells in hand!

Level: Iíd recommend this to experienced exercisers; this is perhaps best for someone at or around an intermediate level. Some previous experience with yoga and weight lifting would be a good idea. This is definitely one of those workouts where you get out of it what you put into it! Those light dumbbells can become surprisingly heavy if you concentrate enough.

Class: 2 women join Anthony, who instructs live. Each show a different level: beginning, intermediate, and more advanced.

Music: gentle instrumental music thatís on the bland side.

Set: somewhat dark interior set, with a blue background in front of which stands a somewhat abstract rusty object. (Is that because Anthony is an Iron Man?)

Production: clear picture and sound. The camera angles are usually helpful and not distracting.

Equipment: yoga sticky mat (or equivalent) and a pair of light (1-5 lb.) dumbbells. All participants are barefoot.

Space Requirements: enough to perform a full sun salutation and lie down on back with limbs extended.

DVD Notes: The main menu allows you to choose Introduction, Play All, Chapters, and Bonus Feature.

Comments: If you like your yoga straight up and traditional, this probably wonít appeal to you. If you think you would like yoga if only it were more athletic, this might be just the ticket for you. In fact, Anthony seems to be targeting athletes (whether hard core or weekend warrior types) who want to do some crosstraining. Avoid this one if you have a low tolerance for workouts with slow, deliberate pacing.
I donít have Anthonyís book of the same name, so I canít compare the two. I didnít feel like I was missing anything vital without the book; the video stands on its own very well.
If you like this video, you might also like Linda Freemanís YES Training, another yoga video that incorporates light dumbbells. You might also like Tari Roseís Hard Body Yoga, which also takes yoga poses and uses holds, slow sequences, etc., to build strength and endurance.

Instructor Comments:
Anthony cues well, with lots of instruction and form tips. Heís not into flowery language or New Agey stuff. He does not mirror cue (i.e. when he says ďright arm,Ē he is referring to his right arm). He comes off as earnest and sincere.