Iron Yoga

Anthony Carillo
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

With strength work, I am an intermediate exerciser, who doesn’t really want to move up to advanced work. I have really enjoyed getting into workouts on the ball and Pilates as an alternative to traditional strength training. Recently, I have been playing with adding yoga to the mix. I saw this workout as a possible way to combine yoga and weights.

Anthony Carillo leads with two background exercisers. One does the beginner level while the other does the intermediate level. Anthony does the advanced variations. The set is dark - plain, but not unpleasant. I have no memory of any music. He does not mirror cue, which made me think a time or tow (first thing in the morning).

The workout moves very slowly and I found it boring. Keep in mind that I have a very low threshold for boredom though. I found Rael Pilates too slow as well (although a MUCH better workout!). I felt the moves a little, but not much. As I couldn't see ever wanting to do it again, I traded it quickly.

Instructor Comments:
He was very calm and communicative. However, I did not feel engaged by him at all.

Laura S.