Defining Shape

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Tracie works out alone in a nice studio. You will need dumbbells and a med ball for this .49 minute mostly strength workout. The dvd is fully chaptered and includes premixes.

After a warmup exercises include dip & overhead press combos, front & side raise combo, upper back fly, tri kickbacks, squat variation combo adding tempo changes & balance challenges, bi curl & plies, pushups, pliet & upright row, shoulder press, side lunge-squat-and overhead press combo, side step squats, deadlifts, and concludes with a balance series, lying leg work and a core routine before the stretch.

I rate this a solid intermediate routine that can be made more or less challenging depending on the weight you use. Lots of great multi-muscle combos and tons of tempo changes keep it interesting & keep your muscles guessing. I heavied up and got a GREAT workout! Tracie is a great instructor and I really enjoyed this workout. I received this dvd to review.