Iron Yoga

Anthony Carillo
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

The set is rather bizarre/ugly with bland music. Anthony Carillo demonstrates the most advanced version of the exercisers while the two females accompanying him do modifcations.

The upper body exercises are done very slowly with only a few reps and a lot of static holds throughout. There are a lot of long-lever movements similar to Pilates-style weightlifting and I could only use my 3-lb. weights. There were a few standard exercises like military presses and rows, but they didn't work well with light weights and I would have had to come out of chair or tree pose to get heavier dumbbells. Overall, I didn't find that my upper body felt real worked out, but the exercises were quite challenging for me in terms of core and lower body balance and stabilization. There were only a few stretches, but they were well chosen and felt good - pigeon pose, forward bend, etc. There is no savasana, but instead a brief stay in child pose. Iron Yoga will probably most appeal to those who like the idea of yoga-inspired functional fitness. Some of the poses are very challenging and I struggled to maintain even the intermediate level modification with good form.

Workout time: 55 minutes. The workout definitely challenged me in areas, but it is rather tedious. I can't help but wonder if a nicer set and more interesting/unique music would have it less boring.

Instructor Comments:
Anthony Carillo is soft spoken and low key. He doesn't mirror cue, but that didn't hamper my ability to do the workout smoothly.