Maximize - Full Frontal

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Here is a breakdown of the workout:
Warm Up
30 tap backs on step
30 high knees
30 cross over toe touches
30 squats

20 flat chest presses
10 ea single leg squats
30 side lunges off step
10 push ups
10ea side leg lifts in planks
10 plie jumps
30 alternate jump lunges
10 W presses with squat
30 jumping jacks with side lateral raises
20 reverse crunches on step

10 V flies standing for chest
10 front raises with chair squats
10 lying overhead tricep with crunch
10 bicycles
10ea side leg lift with squat
10 plyos over step with shoulder raise
30 jump rope

cool down + stretch

I find this more of a metabolic workout since it moves too quickly to heavy up other than on one or two moves (chest presses). The time seems to fly with the workout in this set. There is a modifier and the step is used for some of the cardio and strength moves.

Instructor Comments:
Jillian is Jillian here. She's teasing her crew and joking around trying to make it tough for them.