Flat Belly Workout - Walk Off Belly Fat

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Walking Aerobics

I've done this workout twice. I got this because it's always good to have walking workouts on the days that you need them, and because I pretty much have everything else Ellen has done--that I can get my hands on at least.

This was a companion to a diet book from Prevention. Ellen does mention it, but only in passing. There is no hard sell, nor is there dead air while they pitch the book instead of doing the workout.

This is short for a walking workout, only a little over 30 minutes. There is a short abs segment at the end, chaptered separately I believe. I've only done it on days when I'm exhausted but have to do something to put a tick mark in my workout column. Ah, obsession. Where would I be without you? Calmer and more centered you say? Ok, fine.

I do think this is a fun walking workout. There is lots of lateral movement and some directional changes. There is some balance work and standing ab work as well-if you've done other Ellen workouts, this is very much in her style but overall easier. She works out with two background exercisers. There is a small amount of high impact introduced later in the workout, but it's an optional add-on to the base move, so you won't have to worry about modifying if you wish to stay low.

This isn't either of Ellen's typical sets, nor does it look familiar compared to other Prevention workouts I've done. It looks more like a living room.

If you need to do a low impact workout and are short on time, this is a fine option. I think it's a perfectly good choice for beginners: the choreography is fun (you aren't just marching in place begging for it to end), but isn't difficult. You'll also work in some light toning. For anyone else, this is a great add-on or light day selection.

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is one of my favorite instructors, so I'm biased. But she's my favorite for a reason. She's encouraging and warm without being over the top. She cues well and gives excellent form tips so you can get the most from your workout. If this does happen to be a beginning DVD for you, check out her other options in a bit of time. She has a lot of great low impact, fusion style workouts to chose from.