Super Fit Bod!

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

Super Fit Bod runs about 1 hour and 11 minutes:
Warm-up ~9 minutes
Main workout ~40 minutes
Abs section ~10 minutes
Cool-down/stretch ~10 minutes

As is, this workout is probably at a medium-to-high-intermediate level, but the moves can be easily modified up or down. The toning and cardio sections progress up from very basic movements to more intense versions of each exercise. So, to modify up, which I had to do for some segments, just don't follow her through the progressions and jump straight to the highest intensity level. (This requires that you've previewed the moves to know in advance what the hardest level is though.) Also, you can use heavier weights and lunge deeper in the toning sections; in the cardio sections, add jumps for an increased plyometric element, ankle weights, and go faster than Amy does.

I was a little disappointed that the abs bonus wasn't that difficult. I felt like she only did half the number of reps that would have been necessary for a full core workout. However, by this point, I was so tired from the main workout that I didn't care too much.

Instructor Comments:
I'm a fan of Amy Dixon; she's motivating as an instructor and her workout styles are right up my alley (athletic and challenging, but easily modified up or down). Some of her quirks from earlier workouts ("I trust...", "a-MAZ-ing") have been toned down in this video (those quirks don't bother me, but I know of many others who have expressed their irritation regarding her little catch phrases).