Breathless Body 2 The Edge

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

If you like HIIT and Tabata-style workouts, you should like this one. I could not handle Amy's first Breathless Body because I can't do the same exercise 8 times in a row!! The circuits of this workout are not monotonous because you never do the same move twice in a row but instead do a series of 3 moves 3 times and then move to the next round. The perfect amount of repetition for me. Amy gets me to my target heartrate and keeps me there in a workout that feels like it goes by quickly and is fun. The final push in which she takes you through each of the 12 moves for 30 seconds each back to back with no break is tough because I am tired by that time, but it is 6 minutes that seems to go by in half the time. As always Amy is motivating with the proper amount of enthusiasm but not over the top. My only complaint is that she spends too much time explaining the moves at the beginning, e.g, here's the move at beginner intensity, now intermediate, not advanced. I need rest at the end of each round, but not 2 minutes. I wish Amy would go directly from the end of each round to the explanations of the next rounds; that would be enough rest for me. But overall I love this workout and always enjoy Amy. Highly recommend this one!