Barefoot Fusion Walk

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Walking Aerobics

NOTE: This review is for "BAREFOOT FUSION WALK" -- one of two workouts on Jessica's "WALK ON: STRENGTH & BALANCE" DVD

Jessica is working out with two other exercisers on a bright & sunny marina.

There is a lot going on in this workout, although at one point when Jessica says, “This is a nice recovery workout!” I felt a little insulted because I was really working! We start with marching, then move into passé lifts (this turns into a knee lift), side-steps, then stepping to the corners with a rear leg lift (arabesque). We return to marching with hamstring curls and add rear lateral pull, then we alternate heel digs and add figure-eight arms (I noticed here that the music had an interesting sound; maybe a mandolin?) Next up were passé marches and front & back marches; we added arm lifts. Then we moved into side steps, side kicks with inner thigh lifts, then stepping forward & back with arm lifts. We take a little break here, marching while circling our arms, then side-stepping with flowing arm movements. Then it’s back to marching with alternating double passé, double side-steps, and hamstring curls with arm pulls added.

We slipped into a weight shift move (side-to-side) and added jabs (punches), then we repeated the march into the corners with the arabesque leg lift. Next up were double step-taps, more marches, and alternating step-knees with added arm pulls. Then it was fiesta time with a fun salsa walk forward and back, and step-touches with hand claps; this was fun & dancey, although the music was “Latin Generic”. Back to the weight shift move, this time with alternating cross-punches, then plies with with alternating heel lifts.

We return to marches, hamstring curls, step-touches with flowing arm movements, and more corner marches with arabesque leg lifts. The workout ends with knee lifts (which she calls (passé lifts), toe lifts, some nice foot stretches, then a final stretch.

This was a fun workout, and although some of the steps were a little tricky (for first thing in the morning), there was definitely nothing overly complicated. I’m looking forward to doing this workout again!

Debbie J