Self: Bikini Ready Fast

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

So many people have reviewed this already and excellently. I just wanted to add that this was for a long time my go-to for a weights workout that I could complete when I only had 30 minutes. So much that I've gotten a little sick of it and have taken it out of the rotation for a while. There is lots of variation and your upper body-your shoulders in particular, which seems to be standard with Ellen-will get a great workout. There are still plies, squats (including single-legged), lunges and some other toning moves for the legs. The pace is fast, but not frantic, alternating between sets and pulses. You'll need more than one set of weights, as some of the back moves require more weight for me to feel anything. I love the outdoor beach setting. Ellen is still Ellen, but she doesn't give as many form tips as she usually does. One person is showing modifications, including low impact for a small segment at the end. The only part I don't like is a butterly move combined with a plie, as I've banged my hands with the dumbbells a few times by mistake. There is a long segment at the beginning and end where Ellen talks about a healthy diet and......actually I just skip to the next chapter for this so I don't know what she talks about-but I do know it's easy to skip over. There is also a brief bonus abs segment Ellen teaches alone at the end.

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is still adorably Ellen. She seems like she really enjoys working out and instructing. You will recognize the Pilates influence in some of her moves and particularly in the stretches. She doesn't provide as much non-stop form instruction here, if that has bothered you on other workouts of hers (I don't mind it, it's definitely made deceptively easy-looking workouts harder for me.)