Amenzone Rebel Xtreme DVD 2

Amen Iseghohi
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Amen works out with a group of exercisers, some using a tire & some just their own body weight. They work out in a gym set w/ a DJ. You will need an optional tire (I used my Firm Zip Trainer, you could easily use dumbbells, or a med ball) or just use your own body weight. This is a 57 min core, cardio, & strength routine.

Each exercise is performed for 30-60 seconds followed by an active boxing recovery. Two exercises are performed three times each. After a quick stretch, you move right into: soccer drill & tuck jumps, explosive pushups with your feet on the tire, frog hops with your hands on the tire, shuffle holding the tire overhead, bear craw, tri dips off the tire, diamond pushups with your feet on the tire, lunge with tire torso twist, squat & overhead tire press, knee to elbow pushups, crab walk, tire row, down dog pushups, squat & kick w/ overhead tire press, pivot lunge & tire rotation, and concludes with floor core work: tire roll in & out to plank, plank tire tap, V sit knee pull ins with the tire overhead, and leg raises holding the tire overhead and a stretch. Non-tire mods are shown for all exercises.

I rate this a low advanced workout if you keep moving during the active recovery segments. It really packed a punch using the 12 lb Zip Trainer in place of the tire. Amen provides form reminders & has a very positive & encouraging training style. Love the use of the tire for a real functional feel with no boredom or dread. Love the dvds, hoping for more soon! I am really enjoying the live classes at the gym which are even more challenging than the dvds. I received this dvd to review.