Walk it Off in 30 Days

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This dvd contains two 30 minute workouts, one strength training and one walking. Leslie leads with a group of walkers in a large loft type set. You will need dumbbells for the strength workout. The back cover advises you to walk 3 times a week and alternate with strength 2 times a week, providing a complete fitness program.

Burn 30: after a built in warmup you move into walking, kicks, side steps, knee pulls, ham curls, tap outs, step change, skater, jog front and back, & double side step. Leslie adds in a variety of arm movements to up the intensity & to keep it interesting.

Firm 30: after a walking warmup you move into 20 minutes of standing work: narrow squats & overhead press, squat pulses, pliets, lunge & upright row, kick backs, upper back fly, bicep curls, and overhead press. The workout concludes with 10 minutes of floor work: chest fly, bench press, weighted crunches, hundred, single let stretch, bird dog, and a stretch.

These are both intermediate routines. Both are straight forward and easy to follow along to. The pace of the strength workout allows you to heavy up if you wish. The cardio is mostly low impact with some higher intensity moves. Leslie provides good form pointers and the workouts both flow at a good pace. I received this dvd to review.