Yoga + Weights

kimberly Fowler
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Yoga

Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I wanted to REALLY like this DVD and while I liked it, I didn't love it. Part of that is due simply to my arthritic hands and wrists. There are a number of segments that flow from plank to hovering, to up dog to down dog and my hands and wrists just can't take that over the long term. However, I did the entire workout anyway, because I really wanted to see what it was like and in those segments I used what I learned from the ChogaFlow DVD and did the moves on a chair.

Despite my issues with my wrists and hands, I thought thought the workout was really well designed. She suggests using light weights and in the Q&A section on the main menu, she says that she uses three pounds. So, of course, that's what I chose to use! The moves with the weights are done very slowly - deliberately - and you generally do 5 reps. It may not seem like much, but I was feeling some of those moves! She gets into the first main section and leads you through that flow I described. Then, you stand up and do Warrior with a shoulder press. Then, you do the flow again and do Warrior with a shoulder press on the other side. Then, you do the flow again and then do another Warrior pose with another upper body move on one side - etc. And so on. You do the plank/up dog/ down dog flow before starting each new exercise and as a way to transition to the opposite side. To me, this section just seemed like it really flowed nicely.

Then, you move onto the mat porition. Moves in this section include:

Side arm balance
Yoga push up
Child pose
On knees with raise
Upright row
Seated tree with side arm stretch
Cobbler's pose with chest fly
Boat with a burn
Lower back stretch
Dead bugs with chest press
Bridge with overhead extension

Kimberly does the workout by herself in what looks like the empty corner of a room. However, as the workout goes, there are shots interspersed from a class in which they show different exercisers doing moves and sometimes Kimberly correcting the form of someone. She does stress form and gives form pointers, but doesn't really tell how to do the moves. This would not be a good choice for someone who has never done yoga before. The workout is done in voice over. Usually, the timing is pretty good although there were a few places where her instruction was a little late.

If the section I enjoyed the most wasn't such a strain on my hands and wrists, I would keep this DVD, because I did like it.

Instructor Comments:
I liked her okay. There was something about her manner that put me off a little. But, her cueing was pretty good and she really sold the workout.

Laura S.