Defy Gravity

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

Sometimes, I like to go back and find workouts that missed when they were released. Sometimes, like with this workout, I probably would have rejected this workout back then because it wasn't hard enough or complex enough or something. Recently, however, I saw it recommended in a thread asking about "beach workout" and decided to try it. I enjoy workouts set outdoors, especially in Hawaii and places like that because I can dream about going on vacation while I exercise. Not everyone would see this as a plus, but it is one for me and I really enjoyed this workout being set outside.

Plus, I LOVE band workouts. It's weird, but it's my personal workout fixation. The band was not included with this DVD (as she states it is in the workout). But, I have so many bands, and tubings, and loops that I probably would have used something I already have anyway. Keep that in mind when ordering though.

The first section, Fat Free Cardio, offers two segments of pretty basic cardio. In this section, Tamilee's cueing is not the best. And, there is a fair amount of TIFTing. So, there were a few times I was looking at the screen going, "Huh?" Mostly though, it is an easy routine to follow. The two sections together (which is how I did them rather than separately as a 20-minute segment (Cardio 1) and a 25-minute segment (Cardio 2). Together, they make a nice, fairly simple long cardio workout. "Long" for me is more than 30-35 minutes.

Be aware that this is a low-impact cardio workout with "power sections" where you do about 30 seconds of toning or toning-influenced cardio. One of the good things about the TIFTing is that she mixes it up. Sometimes, you do the cardio without the power sections, sometimes with. That kept this section more interesting for me than doing the same thing everytime you repeat the sequence.

The second section is Metabolism Jump Start and it features 2 short toning workouts using the band for the lower body and the upper body. The third segment in a Pilates-inspired abs workout in which Tamilee moves through the moves fairly quickly. I really don't enjoy abs workouts, especially ones on the floor and this segment seemed more advanced than the other ones. So, I don't see me dong this segment again.

However, I loved, loved, loved the lower-body segment. She packs a LOT into 10 minutes and effectively uses the band to work the muscles of the lower body. If you like using segments to put together your own workout, this would be a good segment to have in that rotation.

The upper body segment is done seated. All the major muscles of the upper body are addressed and you do the moves slow and then fast. I felt worked out at the end of it, although it wasn't as automatically as intense as the lower-body segment. It depends on how you hold the band.

There are certain people who are going to enjoy this workout and a lot who won't. There are some definite flaws in this workout (like her cueing in the cardio segments not being the best). But, for me, the outdoor setting in paradise, made up a lot for the workout's deficiencies. And, the cardio section is a nice, simple, long cardio segment that is low impact and fairly low intensity. And, the lower-body toning segment is really good, especially if you like band work.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee has a definite target audience for this workout and she designed the workout for them. Since she is a member of that age group, she tells you that she understands the issues and that she is exercising WITH you. I liked her in this workout.

Laura S.