Persian Zumba E01

Tanory Ateek
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Bellydance , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This approximately 26-minute dance workout is on YouTube only (as of now) at this link:

It was recently renamed "Varzesh" but became very popular as "Persian Zumba".

I love this workout! It uses Persian pop songs,with very easy to follow Middle Eastern-style moves that aren't as complicated as the moves on many Bollywood or bellydance workouts. I'd rate it intermediate in both intensity and choreography. There's no cueing, but instructor Tanory Ateek sometimes demonstrates a move right before a song. Camera work and audio are much better than most YouTube videos (as long as you can ignore the pop-up messages at the bottom of the screen). I also love that there are people of all ages (even children) and sizes in the class, all having a great time to the best of their ability. Get up and give it a try!

Instructor Comments:
Tanory is in great shape and instructs very well. Someone put her on a DVD!

Sue B