Body Target 60

Stephanie Vitorino
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

Full Disclosure: I received a review copy of this workout.

I kept reading that Stephanie Vitorino is a good instructor who puts together workouts that are enjoyable and effective, so I decided to try Body Target 60. I enjoy finding "new to me" instructors that I enjoy working out with.

I am almost 50 and have bad knees and hands. If the workout has moves that are hard on the hands and/or knees (and many workouts are one or the other or both), I look for an effective modifier who can lead me through an effective version of the workout. This workout has two background modifiers, members of Stephanie's classes rather than workout professionals, and one of them is a modifier. I tend to be picky about modifiers and how they modify. I finally figured out with this workout what my pickiness is. My preference is that a modifier not just modify for beginners, people who need to take things a little easy, but rather that she modify for common issues people have with exercise videos - reasons why they might not be able to do moves that are hard on body parts like, um, the hands and knees. This modifier just moidifies for beginners.

The main part of this workout is a total-body 30-minute cardio sculpting workout with three additional 10-minute sections that target the arms, the lower body, and the core. You can play the entire workout or you can choose chapters based on those sections.

I really like the cardio sculpting part of the workout. I've seen all of the moves she leads before, yet they are put together in a fresh and innovative way to make the workout seem different (without being downright strange). She likes to combine moves so that you not only do combination moves where you do both upper and lower body, but she puts together multiple moves into one exercise so that you work multiple muscles in one area. Some of the moves include kettlebell-like moves, compound arm moves working 3 or 4 muscles in the upper body in one move and class moves like lunges and squats, push ups,and wood chops - each in a combination or with a twist to make it seem new and different. The only problem I had is that she mixes in moves that are on the floor in the midst of the standing moves. Personally, I HATE floor work, even when it's led by a good instructor. Plus, those moves were hard on the hands and knees - especially the hands. There were moves on "all fours" and a fair number of push ups in this section and the upper body segment. For those that like floor work, her moves on the floor also seemed fresh and innovative. This lowered my enjoyment of and the value of the workout for me.

For the workout, you'll need two sets of weights - lighter and heavier - and a mat. That's it. And, if you're on carpet, you might not need the mat. If you get tired of workouts for which you have to drag out tons of equipment, this workout might be for you.

The 3 10-minute sections seem effective and good. Except for me, I didn't like them as much as I could have because they have a fair number of moves on the floor. However, for those of you like this, the workout might be okay.

To me, this workout is intermediate and you have the opportunity to make it harder or easier. You can modify the weights you use. She not only includes cardio and weights, but effectively challenges your balance at multiple points throughout the workout. You could use a BOSU or balance disk during the balance challenges. Following the modifier will make the workout easier, although it won't eliminate all the moves that are hard on the knees and hands.

I probably won't keep this workout, just because the floor work cuts down the section I want the most, the cardio sculpting, to a shorter workout than I want when I cut out the floor work. It's too bad because I like the standing moves and I really like her as an instructor.

Instructor Comments:
Her instruction is good. She is encouraging and motivating without any extreme issues with her presentation. She does the workout rather than walking around.

Laura S.