Belly Blasting Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Walking Aerobics

This dvd contains a two mile walk that focuses on the midsection and includes 2 bonus core workouts. You wont need any equipment for this workout. Leslie leads in a large space with 5 background exercisers.

Belly Blasting Walk (30 min): Exercises include: walking, kicks, knee ups, side steps, squat twits, double jacks, skaters, hip touches to hit the obliques,jog up & back, squat & twist, punches pendulums, single leg hops, mock rope, cross knee pulls, and ends with a stretch.

Core One (10 min): exercises include the hundred, teaser, bridge, scissors, bike and single leg stretch.

Core Two (10 min): exercises include bird dog, table core work, donkey kick varitionas, superman, knee pushups, knee & full planks, and concludes with child pose.

This is a beginner routine that can be easily modified for most exercisers. The instruction style is definetly targeted towards beginners and Leslie is her normal chatty self, having a great time walking with her friends. I received this dvd to review.