Chicometrics III

Chico Caldwell
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Total Body Workouts

The tri-fold brochure that's included in the videa sleeve describes the program as "deep muscle toning" based on "isotonic and isometric principles." The only "equipment" you need is a chair and a towel (for wiping the sweat). I'm 51, have been interested in home exercise since a teenager, and still have some of my Jane Fonda original videos from the 80's! along with the original Callanetics. I'm heavier than is good for me, am working on that, but I am pretty fit and have good endurance. Recently I'm making a real effort the eat healthier and exercise regularly and have started using Joyce Vedral dvds which actually have me working out with weights and enjoying it. However, I have to watch what I do, what poundage I use, problems with joints. This video matches me perfectly. Dr. Caldwell says you can take breaks every 5 reps or so, but everything's deceptively "easy" and the instructions so clear, you can keep up, so I did for most of the 25-80 reps you do of each exercise. I completed the video 2 1/2 hours ago, and I barely could do my bike ride I do every day for my cardio (which some form of cardio is emphasized to do in conjunction with this program)My legs are still wobbly and my shoulders and armed still "fatigued".
The workout starts with a very brief into by Dr. Caldwell who tells you to watch him or one of the 5 varying shaped, healthy looking women and pick the option that fits you best. Then it tells you stop if you haven't yet measured yourself and shows briefly where to measure. A tape measure is attached to the top of the video box. The above mentioned flier includes on back a place to record you starting measurements, plus space for 8 more measurements, with a notation to measure every two weeks, or after every 4 classes. The workout is then broken down into 17 sections. Each section starts with a colored screen that lists the exercise you'll be doing and the muscle/groups being worked.
#1. Skyline Stretch
#2. Neck & Face
#3. Chest Flexcers/option
#4. Lat Presses/option
#5. Waistline(obliques)/2 options
#6. Ab Toners 4 different exercises/ 3 options
#7. Lower Back
#8. Long Body Stretch
#9. Inner Thighs (uses chair unique)
#10. Scoops 3 variations
#11. Plies/variations
#12. Lower Legs (calves)& stretches
#13. Hip & Thigh Very much like Callanetics, but uses a chair that I found much more comfortable but just as effective, but there is floor options shown. Stretches.
#14. Panty Jock/2 options. (Under "cheek" area)
#15. Bad Cats & Dogs glute work
stretches. Very hard to describe. Very effective!
#16. Then a surprising killer and unique to this workout. Chicometrics is in many ways i like Callenetics, Lotte Berke, The Bar Method. (I have all those and have done them)But there's little upper body work in the others. Here, there's a wonderful upper body section that's called "The 20 Series" and lists working the biceps, triceps, delts and traps. There's around 7 exercises here, including a one-armed seated tricep dip. Thankfully there was an option for that one!!!
#17. Very nice seated Cool Down Stretch. About 8 different stretches, here again using a chair in unique way. Got a good stretch and didn't stress my knees.
I would really recommend this video to people who especially enjoy a non-impact, very little stress to the joints workout. Was impressed with the instructions and visualization cues that made this video very doable, yet I can see it growing with a person.

Instructor Comments:
From his brochure included in video, Dr. Caldwell was a former Athletic Director,coach and teacher. Master's Degree in Health, Physical Education. Developed these exercises testing how the body responds to exercise without the use of equipment. Very pleasant, clear instructions.

Debbie Yearwood