Low Impact Series: Low Impact Challenge Step

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Step Aerobics

From Cathe's Low Impact series is this fun all step routine that will give you a great sweaty workout without all the high impact that (my) your joints dont need! You will only need a step bench for this workout.

After a warmup, exercises include: knee ups, pivots, kicks, march around the step, repeaters, up & over variations, swing steps, L variations, straddles, around the world, and concludes with a cooldown & stretch. There are 4 routines, the last being the most challenging.

This is an intermediate step routine in terms of intensity and high intermediate in terms of choreography. The moves themselves are not overly complex but to keep the heart rate up the pace is quick. Love the intensity and the pace of this workout, and as always Cathe is an excellent instructor with great cuing and fun choreography. I received this dvd to review.