Belly Blasting Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Walking Aerobics

Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I decided to try this workout, even though I haven't been thrilled with Leslie's most recent DVDs. And, I'm glad I did because I really enjoy it. It follows Leslie's formula, but includes newer moves that support the goal of the workout - to work your core.

It is a 2-mile walk. Leslie has 5 exercisers backing her up, all from a younger generation than her original pals. I didn't love the background exercisers, but they didn't annoy me either. The set is the same one she has used in the past few DVDs and I like it because it's light and airy and they seem to have plenty of room. The music seems to be pretty good for one of Leslie's workout, but I have a hard time hearing it, so I can't describe it very well.

The goodness of this workout, to me, seems to be in the walk itself. It is a high-energy program that starts with aerobics and Leslie begins with a review of her usual four basic steps. Like all Leslie's workouts, it's easy to follow, but the way she puts the moves together is different and the actual moves she uses are different. How is it different? The moves are more varied and the impact/intensity options are higher with many of the moves.

One thing to make a note of is the lack of a modifier. Most of the descriptions I have read have said something like, "There is always one exerciser that always keeps it low-impact." I think that was the intention, but it just didn't happen. Early on, Leslie turns to Brianna and tells her to show a low-impact option so that people can follow that option. Brianna does that move and then goes back to the same moves everyone else is doing. She only goes low impact the 1-2 other times Leslie told her to show the option. This is something they really need to fix, especially if they are going to claim they have it in the description. However, for experienced modifiers, it is extremely easy to modify the moves and just take out the impact.

She starts slow through the warm up and into the first mile. Then, she boosts the tempo and layers in the new variations. some of the newer moves include:

> forward jog with a double twist
> jump rope arms with a hop
> jumping squats
> mini squats with twists
> larger squats (done slowly) with torso twists
> knee lifts while bringing the arms up and over to the knees and hips

The boosted pace lasts into the second mile. Then, it slows gradually until the cool down. The walk comes in at just under 30 minutes. To me, this was a fun workout and the only annoyance was the lack of a modifier.

Following the walking workout are two floorwork segments. Each is around 10 minutes. In the first segment, you lay on your back and do crunches and bridge work. In the second, you are largely on your hands and knees (although you do some planks, push ups, and supermans). I really like Leslie's attitude in this. She encourages you to do what you can and to take a break when you need to. She just comes off to me as genuine and caring and pragmatic in these segments. If you like hard core work, you probably won't enjoy these segments, but they seem good as beginning to intermediate core work. In these segments, Leslie is by herself and is friendly, motivating, cheerful and informational.

Instructor Comments:
I love Leslie. She is her normal friendly, motivating, cheerful, and informational self in this workout with only a couple of flashes of going overboard with the enthusiasm.

Laura S.