Bedroom Body

Angie Miller
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This was my first Angie Miller dvd. This workout had a very strong "Functional Fitness" feel, with lots of multi-limb/multi-muscle movements and balance challenges.

There are lots of GREAT options on this dvd! From the main menu you can play everything on the dvd as one longer workout, play by chapter/segment (there are NINE!), or you can play specific Premixes (there are FIVE!) The nine segments are Warm-up, Sets 1-5, Booty Burner, Core, and Stretch. The premixes are: Balance Challenge (segments 1 & 4), Amazing Arms (segments 3-5), 20 Minute Total Body Challenge (1,3 & 5), 30 Minute Complete Workout (2,4,5 & Core), and Center Strong (Booty Burner & Core).

The warm-up was excellent, made up of traditional moves (march, step touch, knee lifts, hamstring curls). Sets 1 & 2 were lower body BURNERS, lots of lunges and squats and passing the dumbbell behind knees and between legs. Whew! Set 3 hits the upper body a bit and Set 4 builds up to an all-over blaster. Angie builds upon moves and Set 4 is a perfect example: begin with a deadlift, then lift a leg to challenge balance, then add a knee lift, then add a lunge at the end, then twist/rotate while in lunge, then add a pulse. By the time you get to the end, you're thinking "How am I doing all this?!?" but she builds it up gently. Set 5 has a kettlebell-inspired feel, with high pulls and windmills. The Booty Burner is a bridge-fest, followed by some weighted quadruped work (donkey kicks, etc). The Core is varied and there are NO CRUNCHES, woo-hoo! The 5 minute Stretch is thorough.

Instructor Comments:
I only have one complaint, and that is that sometimes Angie seems to talk into the back of her throat. I can't explain it but it almost is like a Kermit voice. But only a few times. Her normal voice is perfectly fine.