Belly Blasting Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Walking Aerobics

This is a higher intensity (and impact) Leslie with a standing, core focus. I love the menu options on this dvd. You can play everything (the walk and both abs) for a 53 minute workout. You can choose just the 2 miles (30 minutes), or each individual ab floor session (at 10 minutes each). The walk includes your typical Leslie moves (walk, side steps, knee ups, kicks) but with lots of core reminders (keep core engaged, etc). The pace is quick and Leslie throws in some moves that pump up the impact and intensity (half jacks, jogging boosts, those hideous pendulums, jump rope). There are also many moves included to work your core from a standing position (side taps with torso twists, skaters, squats with a torso twist, punching moves). The floor work includes a good variety. Floor Session 1 is all flexion (done on the back) and with a pilates flavor. Floor session 2 is extension (and all done facing the floor) with moves like plank, bird-dog, back work and pushups. All in all, another good new workout from Leslie. I love this new set and 2 miles is the perfect Leslie length for me.