30 Minutes to Fitness Plateau Buster

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

When this DVD and Cardio Quick Fix were first announced, I was really interested in the Cardio Quick Fix DVD and ordered it. It took me longer to catch up with this DVD because when it came out I wasn't sure that I would like it. Well then, it totally figures that I would be less than thrilled with Cardio Quick Fix and that I would really enjoy this one, Plateau Buster. I do think that most of the people who like this DVD will be self-described intermediate exercisers or someone wanting that level of a workout for a change.

The main menu is pretty standard for a Kelly-Coffey Meyer DVD. It gives you the following options:

> Introduction
> Workout One
> Workout Two
> Stretch
> PreMixes

In each of the two workouts, you do two compound strength movements and then there is a cardio burst in between those. Each of the strength moves is done 12 times - she says something like, "We do 12 of everything." There are some cardio moves that are seemingly based on time and you do more than the 12 repetitions, but other that that, she sticks to the pattern. In both workouts, she does mostly compound moves that kept my heart rate steadily up. She starts with the moves that call for heavier weights and then toward the end of the segment, she switches to moves that call for lighter weights. She goes through all the moves and then repeats the sequence. Usually, I hate it when an instructor goes through a series of moves and then repeats it. However, in this workout, presumably because she does only 12 of each move, I didn't mind repeating them. In fact, the second time around went faster for me than the first. In both Workout 1 and Workout 2, I looked up to see the time on the clock when she went into the cooldown. The time just flew for me.

I did Workout 1 and Workout 2 twice each. Then, I decided to sample the premixes. I chose the harder mixes because they had footage I hadn't seen yet. I really like that Kelly films extra footage that she uses in the premixes. In the two workouts, Kelly workous out with three background exercisers and one of them, Noelle, acts as the modifier and keeps the moves low impact. In the bonus footage, Kelly is by herself. The duration of the premixes ranges from 21 minutes to 45 minutes.This submenu includes the following options:

> Plateau Split Rounds (Round 1 then Round 2)
> Plateau Challenge (Both Workouts Alternating Each Exercise)
> Plateau Dumbbells Only Mix (Workout 1 and 2 All DB's Then Repeat)
> Plateau Cardio Mix (All Cardio Sections, Workouts 1 and 2, Two Times Each)
> Plateau Combined Mix (Both Workouts)
> Plateau Kelly Harder Mix One (Workout One with Bonus Moves)
> Plateau Kelly Harder Mix Two (Workout Two with Bonus Moves)
> Plateau Bonus Buster (All Bonus Moves)

For advanced exercisers, I am not sure you will like this DVD if you are expecting it to give you a good workout ala Cathe or Michelle Dozois recent workouts or other leaders of advanced workouts. These workouts are intermediate level, even though it is true that you can use heavier weights to make the workout harder. However, note that the bonus moves are more advanced than the regular workouts, so doing the premixes with those moves in them leads to a more advanced workout than the two main workouts. The bonus moves include:

> Forward roll attempts
> Side lunges
> Weighted squat thrusts
> Lying chest flies with leg raises
> Pommel horse
> Fast straddles
> Weighted pop squats
> Modified pullover with crunch

I really like this DVD and the options it gives. However, remember that you must be able to do/like/accept the following in order to enjoy this DVD:

> You must like compound moves
> You must be able to get over repeating the moves
> You must not be looking for a beginning or advanced workout

To me, it felt like Kelly had a vision for this DVD in what she wanted to accomplish. Personally, I think she did accomplish her vision and a good workout was the result for those of who use this DVD. There are many workouts on the market today that want to shock people off a plateau and they go about it by offering really hard workouts. There is some high impact in this workouts (which is easily modifiable) and it can be a challenge to keep up. To me, it was a fun, moderate workout that is different than the other workouts I am doing presently.

Instructor Comments:
Kelly is like a really good forever friend to me. I really enjoy working out with her. In this workout, she is her normal supportive, humorous self.

Laura S.