Shock Cardio Step Moves

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Step Aerobics

There are enough long reviews of this for me to be brief. I agree that the cueing is poor - often giving the cue as the move starts, rather than 2 beats beforehand. Bit annoying, but if you're the kind of person who does the same workout repeatedly, the choreography is simple enough that you'd soon get it - otherwise you could do what I did & treat it as a mental exercise to remember for yourself what's coming next.

The workout itself is an old-fashioned 1980s style step workout. Nothing fancy, not too complex, steady state. No athletic drills, not dancy either. I did it for the first time on an 8" step (I'm intermediate) and wasn't difficult fitness-wise to cope with that. Noted to do it at 10" next time.

I don't recall the music at all - but then again I don't usually, unless it's exceptionally fun (Christi Taylor), memorably delightful (Cathe's CTX stretch), or annoyingly tragic (STS for some). This was none of those - it was just a beat to follow, nothing more.

Since this hasn't been given:

(9:06) Warmup
(30:11) Workout
_____(8:46) Step Combo 1
_____(7:46) Step Combo 2
_____(6:57) Step Combo 3
_____(6:42) Finished Product
(4:44) Stretch

(44:01) Total Duration

Instructor Comments:
Kind of typical Cathe, apart from the poor cueing.