Belly Blasting Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Walking Aerobics

Leslie’s latest walking workout is a HIT! In addition to her basic fast-paced walking, she throws in punches, jumping rope, and … plyo jumps! The music was a step up from her usual fare as well, although it was hard to hear at times. Her 30-minute “walk party” is followed by 20 minutes of core toning. One 10-minute segment focuses on flexion; the other focuses on extension. Neither segment is overly strenuous – and neither segment is going to give you those six-pack abs, if that’s your goal – but the moves will definitely help you tone your core. Most of the moves were taken from Pilates; and while she moves slowly and doesn’t do very many reps of any of the exercises, you can always move at your own pace (I did!)

I really enjoyed the soft music of these two toning sections and felt it was a nice complement to the walking portion of the workout.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie never changes. I wish we were neighbors so we could go for walks together!

Debbie J