Low Impact Series: Athletic Training

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Intensity: High Intermediate
Length: 56 minutes
1. Express
2. Leg Cardio Express
3. Upper Body Express
4. Athletic Step Extreme
Background exercisers: Cedie, Jai, Brenda and the new girl, can't remember her name. The cameramen like her a lot in this series. ;^)
Set: Nice brightly lit set with cute black and green outfits.
Grade: A

I don't do this one often because it is hard to categorize. Certainly it's straightforward cardio for the first section (step) but after that it is a mix of cardio and weights because you are constantly moving while you are lifting. I personally like this style of working out, but I never really feel as if I have done a "strength day". There is fun band work for legs at the end using the firewalker bands.

I have never done the premixes as they don't really appeal to me. What would have been nice was a circuit workout premix to sort of break up all the step stuff. Unfortunately, the step segment is one big chapter so I can't even do it manually. :^(

Overall this is a fun workout that is intense but without a huge dread factor. I will try to work it in every other week or so.

Peggy T