Dream Body Workout by Fusion Fitness

Darby Brender
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

Darby leads this class of live students through a nonstop 67 minute workout! This is a super unique fusion workout that will work your muscles & spike your heartrate. You will need optional light weights (they use 2 #'s) and a stability ball for this workout. Darby provides modification options and a "bubble girl" will pop up to show proper form.

Darby utilizes weights in most exercises. Exercises include: Mt. Climber up to warrior 3, one leg back flies, side lunge & hop, down dog kick series, donkey kick series, 1 arm tri dips, static pliet & pliet pulses w/ weighted arm work, football run w/ weighted punches, inner thigh helicopter series, weighted punch series, chair squats w/ static upper body hold, burpee -pushup- chair pose, elevator planks, and a stability ball leg series.

This is an advanced workout; Darby wastes no time & all exercises are multitasking! The workout moves quickly but is not hectic at all. Darby provides constant motivation and excellent cuing. VERY unique, upbeat, fun, and effective! I literally have nothing else like this in my extensive dvd library. Very well rounded, hits all the muscles, and great cardio effect w/ little impact. I received this dvd to review.