Bedroom Body

Angie Miller
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This dvd has a 30 min strength workout, a 10 min floor booty routine, and a 12 min core routine. The dvd is chaptered and includes premixes. Angie works out in a brick gym with 2 backgrounders, modifications are provided. You will only need dumbbells for this workout.

Buff Body Blast: Angie uses one heavier dumbbell or 2 lighter dumbbells for these routines.Exercises include: dip & clean & press adding a chop, curtsy & knee pulls, knee raise & pass the weight under, deadlift & row, hammer curl adding rotator cuff work, side lunge & row, tric kickbacks adding single leg squat, blanace deadlift- knee raise- dip, squat UR row, and pliet w/ big arm cirlces. The combo moves in this did raise my heartrate.

Booty Burner: is a floor routine taht includse bridge & weighted donkey kick variations. Core & Pelvic Floor: is a floor core routine that includes pushups, elevator & side planks, and a butterfly series.

I rate these intermediate routines that are easy to modify up or down by adjusting your poundage. Angie uses 8-10 lbs, but I found her controlled pace allowed me to up the poundage with no problems. Great pace- no rushing but no wasted time, great form pointers & cuing. Enjoyed the format and appreciate the chaptering & premixes. I received this dvd to review.